"Welcome to Aleta Tours and Travels! At our tours and travels hub, don't just offer trips; we craft experiences that linger in your heart. It's a journey that goes beyond physical distances, fostering personal growth and creating lasting memories. Picture yourself discovering hidden gems, savoring local flavors, and connecting with cultures.


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"Indulge your wanderlust with our tours and travels expertise. Our passion lies in curating seamless and enriching travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Whether exploring historical sites, savoring local cuisines, or connecting with people from different backgrounds, travel enriches your life in unexpected ways. Join us on a voyage where every destination becomes a chapter in your personal travel saga."


Experience seamless and reliable travel with our comprehensive vehicle hire services, catering to both short and long trips. Whether you require a vehicle-only package for a few days or an extended journey, we have you covered. Our fleet boasts a variety of options, including comfortable sedan cars, spacious Innovas, and Tempo travellerAC vehicles ranging from 12,17and 26 seats, accommodating your specific needs. Rest assured, our professional drivers ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, making your transportation experience with us unparalleled. Choose us for quality vehicles, experienced drivers, and a hassle-free travel solution.

Vehicle Fleet

• Sedan AC
• Ertiga
• Innova
• Tempo Traveller 12 seats
• Tempo Traveller 17 seats
• Tempo Traveller 26 seats

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